Diggin’ Dottie digs up clues in this four-week video series, to solve the mystery of what happened after Jesus died. Her Bible field guide shows kids the stories of people who saw Jesus come back to life.


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Watch the video from Week 3: Peter Sees Jesus at the Lake, John 21:1-14


What did Jesus help Peter do? catch fish


Read: Luke 5:1-11; John 21:1-14

These two miracles are like the book ends of Jesus’ time with the disciples. In the first, a huge catch of fish was the catalyst that propelled Peter, James, and John to leave everything and follow Jesus. The second fish miracle, which took place after Jesus’ resurrection, was a clear indication of who he was because of its resemblance to the fish catch the first time. It was so compelling that Peter leaped off the boat and into the water to go meet his Savior.

The fish served as a metaphor for people in both stories. Jesus talked about Peter fishing for men and the miraculous catches foreshadow the crowds that would soon follow Jesus and the multitudes that would believe in him after Peter preached the Good News at Pentecost (Acts 2:41).

Performing the same sort of miracle at the beginning and end of his time with the disciples must have cemented in their minds the fact that their purpose in life had drastically changed. Aimless after Jesus’ death and resurrection, wondering what was next, another huge catch of fish may have been just the thing these fishermen needed to be reminded and reassured that Jesus was calling them to something much bigger than fishing; he was calling them to change the world for God.

What event defines the beginning, or catalyst, of your own walk with Jesus?

Do you ever circle back to it to reassure yourself in times of questioning what’s next?


Jesus came back to life!


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