Diggin’ Dottie digs up clues in this four-week video series, to solve the mystery of what happened after Jesus died. Her Bible field guide shows kids the stories of people who saw Jesus come back to life.


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Watch the video from Week 2: Thomas Sees Jesus and Believes, John 20:19-29


Why did Thomas believe in Jesus?He touched him.


Read: John 20:19-29

Thomas has a bit of a bad reputation because of this story. Nobody wants to be a “doubting Thomas.” But the truth is, all of us wrestle with doubt. We’re human. And doubt is part of our human experience. Thomas missed out on Jesus’ original appearance to the disciples and decided he wouldn’t believe Jesus had come back to life unless he could see and touch Jesus for himself. Jesus didn’t have to reappear to Thomas and give him what he wanted, yet he did. Jesus gave Thomas the experience of touching and seeing him for himself, so that he would believe. Only a God who sees us with grace and compassion can meet us in our doubt and give us what we need to believe. Jesus does this for us.

But Jesus also says, “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” That’s us, too. We were not eye witnesses for Jesus’ death and resurrection. Neither do we demand physical proof that our Savior died and rose from the dead. We simply (even if not easily) believe. And Jesus says we are blessed for our faith. Jesus points out that the people like us, who have never seen him face to face, have stronger faith because it doesn’t depend on sight.

But we have to remember that God uses all levels of faith for his purpose and glory. These same “have to see it to believe it” disciples are the ones who started the church. They had to convince the whole world that Jesus was sent by God and that he died and rose again to save us. And they had to do it without the physical Jesus there with them anymore. Their faith must’ve grown exponentially as they watched tens, hundreds, and thousands of people put their faith in Jesus after having never set eyes on him. Any amount of faith is God’s gift to us, and he promises to continue to perfect of our faith (Hebrews 12:2) until that day when we do get to see Jesus face to face.

When have you wrestled with doubt? How did Jesus meet you there?

What would you have to see to believe about Jesus?

What is one thing about Jesus you have absolute faith in, even though you don’t see it?


Jesus came back to life!


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