This live-teaching series looks at five stories from the wacky family God used to rescue the whole world. Kids will see that even when families are wacky, God is full of great love and can be trusted.


Get out of your seat, crank up these jams and rock on!


Listen to the story from Week 4: Jacob Marries Two Wives, Genesis 25:19-34, 27-29


What promise did God make Jacob?


Read: Genesis 25:19-34, 27-29
Even though God had made a promise to Rebekah, she still manipulated the situation so Jacob would be the one who received Isaac’s blessing. It’s interesting to keep that history in mind when you read the rest of the story. Jacob is then deceived and ends up with two wives and lots of kids. When we don’t trust God’s plan and promise it’s easy to get into wacky situations.

Often times God works in ways that are far beyond our understanding. Because of our limited knowledge of the ways of God we can be left confused and frustrated trying to figure out what he is doing. We may not be able to understand God’s ways but we are given the gift of knowing him. We know because of his willingness to sacrifice his own son for us that, “He is full of great love. He can be trusted,” Exodus 34. We don’t have to manipulate or cheat to get God’s blessing. When we’re in Christ, God’s blessing is already ours. We can claim that truth in our life even when things aren’t going the way we thought or hoped.

God’s ways are so loving that even when we do mess up God can still use that mess for good. Leah, Jacob’s first wife was the victim in the story. God saw it that way and adjusted the imbalance. God saw that Leah was hated and he made her fertile. She began giving birth to sons – a clear sign of God’s blessing. Not only that, but her sons eventually became the heads of most of the 12 tribes of Israel. Again, we see that despite human plotting and deceit, God’s plan to bless the family of Abraham continued on. God’s blessing continued despite the wrongdoing going on all over the family.

The bottom line? Despite our worst, God is merciful, gracious, and generous.

How do you see God’s mercy and faithfulness despite your rebellion playing out in your own life?

How does knowledge of these stories change or deepen your view of the Bible or God?


“He is full of great love. He can be trusted,” Exodus 34:6.


Our Elementary curriculum is written for 1st through 5th graders. Through exciting videos, or live teaching in the rooms, kids explore stories from the Bible each month. Beginning with Creation, and moving in chronological order throughout the year, kids learn that God is our Creator, his son Jesus is our Savior, and he is loving, healing, miraculous, and personal. Kids learn about baptism, how to pray, how they can be more like Jesus, and how they can help others. In a large group format, elementary kids sing and dance to worship songs, then meet fun characters and play games that introduce them to the concept of the series. After the story, kids transition to small group activities, designed to be led by an adult. We hope elementary kids learn through interactive content, and begin to grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and how to follow him.