This live-teaching series looks at five stories from the wacky family God used to rescue the whole world. Kids will see that even when families are wacky, God is full of great love and can be trusted.


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Listen to the story from Week 2: God Takes Care of Hagar and Ishmael, Genesis 21:8-21


How did God prove he can be trusted?


Read: Genesis 21:8-21
Hagar was a servant. Abraham may have acquired her during his time in Egypt during the famine we read about in Genesis 12. Her story begins about 10 years after God called Abram to move and told him he would make him a great nation.

Still childless, and probably wondering about God’s promise, Sarai told Abram to sleep with Hagar. At best it was a surrogacy. At worst it was adultery and faithlessness. Sarai’s plan worked, and Hagar got pregnant. But the plan backfired. Hagar was a living, breathing reminder of Sarai’s greatest shame, so obviously Sarai began to resent Hagar. Hagar eventually ran away because she was treated so terribly.

We normally focus on Sarai in this story. She is, after all, the barren woman struggling to trust God for a promise she saw as forgotten and unfulfilled. We relate to her. But we can’t ignore that her taking the matter into her own hands was sin, and it fell out on Hagar painfully. It is here, however, that the story reveals an amazing piece of God’s character. Hagar was sitting in the desert, rejected and alone, and an angel came to her and promised her a multitude of children. The promise resembled God’s promise to Abram. At this point in the story, Hagar called God by a new name. She was from Egypt, so she was used to lots of gods with lots of names. This God, however, the one, true God, was the one who looked after her in distress. So, she called God, “the God who sees me;” El Roi.

What a personal, caring, and loving picture – especially to people like Hagar, who are trapped in choices not their own; used, abused, alone and in crisis. God sees. He cares. He has blessings to spare, and not all is lost. Even when it seems like people get in the way of God’s plan, he is there. Even when people make their own plans and fail, redemption is possible. Even for people caught up in the evil of others – God sees and looks after us. Nothing is out of his sight.

In what ways is it hard for you to trust that God sees you? In what ways do you feel seen by God?


“He is full of great love. He can be trusted,” Exodus 34:6.


Our Elementary curriculum is written for 1st through 5th graders. Through exciting videos, or live teaching in the rooms, kids explore stories from the Bible each month. Beginning with Creation, and moving in chronological order throughout the year, kids learn that God is our Creator, his son Jesus is our Savior, and he is loving, healing, miraculous, and personal. Kids learn about baptism, how to pray, how they can be more like Jesus, and how they can help others. In a large group format, elementary kids sing and dance to worship songs, then meet fun characters and play games that introduce them to the concept of the series. After the story, kids transition to small group activities, designed to be led by an adult. We hope elementary kids learn through interactive content, and begin to grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and how to follow him.