Preschoolers help Howie with his everyday troubles in a fun, live gameshow. Then they hear four stories about Jesus helping people by healing them. Through all-live teaching, kids learn that God always helps us.


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Listen to the story from Week 4: Jesus Helps a Deaf Man, Mark 7:31-37


How did Jesus help the deaf man? Jesus helped him hear and talk again.


Read: Mark 7:31-35

The man in this story could hardly communicate. He was not only deaf, but also mute. He could neither hear conversation nor participate in it. It was a tragic situation. And just like Jesus did with the leper, he took this man away from the crowds to heal him in secret. Only a few people witnessed what Jesus did that day. This healing seems particularly compassionate. This man feels the healing touch of Jesus on his ears. Then, Jesus actually spits on his own hand and touches the man’s tongue before he says two words, “be opened.” Jesus commands him not to tell anyone what happened, which demonstrates just how much Jesus is for this man. It wasn’t about anything more than giving this man his life back.

Jesus is for us too. But after four weeks of studying different miracles where Jesus healed, it’s hard not to ask the question, what about when he doesn’t? Jesus didn’t heal every sick person he saw during his years on earth, and he doesn’t heal every sick person now either. But this doesn’t diminish his power, and it certainly doesn’t change his absolute goodness. Perhaps Jesus heals just enough that we continue to seek him, but not so often that we think we control him. The truth is, we do have a tendency to treat God like a vending machine, only coming to him when we need something instead of just seeking him with an open heart. Even still, God is a good, good father. He desires a relationship with us that is tender and open. And even when we come to him seeking answers instead of seeking his presence, he responds to us with love because he wants us to communicate with him. He already knows about our pain, but he wants to hear about it—from us. He cares and loves so much more deeply than we could even imagine.

The whole human race lives with the reality of imperfection—sickness, death, and disease. We may not always taste physical healing here on earth, but we can be sure that not only will God heal us forever in eternity (Revelation 21:4), but he also promises that his power is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9) in the here and now.

When we know and trust Jesus, we have hope. Though Jesus may not always heal the physical pain around us or in us, we can always take hold of the truth that he has completely forgiven us and healed us spiritually.

Without a doubt, Jesus is for us.

Do you ever struggle to reconcile God’s goodness with the pain and sickness around you? Do you believe Jesus is for you in your everyday life?


“God always helps us in times of trouble,” Psalm 46:1.


Our preschool curriculum written for 3-5 year olds. Through exciting videos, or live teaching in the rooms, kids explore stories from the Bible each month. Beginning with Creation, and moving in chronological order throughout the year, kids learn that God is a powerful, loving, and trustworthy friend who cares about us. They learn that God sent Jesus to save the world. In a large group format, preschoolers sing and dance to worship songs, then meet fun characters and play games that introduce them to the concept of the series. After the story, kids play a Big Group Game, then transition to small group activities, designed to be led by an adult. We hope preschoolers learn through fun, and begin to understand who God is and how much he loves them.