Professor Fantastic is not that fantastic. But videos of the professor’s failed experiments introduce four live-teaching Bible stories that show kids that God is the one who does great things. He can stop a river, make walls fall down, beat huge armies with no weapons, and make a weak man strong again.


Get out of your seat, crank up these jams and get ready to dance!



Watch the video and listen to the story from Week 3: God Helps Gideon Fight Mean People, Judges 6:1-16; 7:1-22



What great thing did God do today?  He helped Gideon.


Read: Judges 7:1-22

When God called Gideon to battle against the Midianites, Gideon was afraid. He asked God again and again for more miracles and signs to prove that he was the one to fight. We have all been there. When we’re looking ahead to something that seems impossible, we forget about the promises and faithfulness of God. We may lose our assurance, like Gideon, and all we want to do is ask God to prove himself once more.

Finally, Gideon did what God was asking him to do and prepared for battle by assembling a huge army of 32,000 soldiers. God had different plans. He wanted to be sure that Gideon and all of Israel knew that he would be the reason for their victory. He didn’t want to showcase the army’s strength, or smarts, or size. So, God asked Gideon twice to whittle down the size of his army until Gideon was left with a mere 300 soldiers behind him. Considering his army was outnumbered by the Midianites even at 32,000, it’d be logical to conclude that he was at a major disadvantage.

But just as we’re learning in this series, these are the moments God uses to do great things. Gideon and his army won the battle with a sneak attack and a strategy that turned the Midianites against each other. It made no sense: the underdog army, severely outnumbered, led by someone who could have been described as a coward. Yet God encouraged Gideon and transformed him into a leader who took his army confidently into battle, knowing it was with and for the Lord. In the beginning, Gideon had a much different picture of the way he would achieve victory, but his obedience to God and submission to God’s plan gave him and his army the opportunity to see the greatness of God. That was a much more significant victory.

Have you ever asked God to “prove it” like Gideon did? What Bible stories, promises, or life experiences remind you that God has already proven himself to you?

Think about some of the challenges in your life. How great do you think God is? Do you believe God can make you capable, and courageous?


“God does great things,” Job 37:5.


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