In this four-part series, Thurman the Cat, takes a trip to the pet sitter and learns all about how God made everything. Preschoolers will learn that God made everything too.


Get out of your seat, crank up these jams and get ready to dance!


Watch the video from Week 4: God Made People and Rested, Genesis 26-31


What was God’s best creation? people


Read: Genesis 1:26-27

Humans are created in the image and likeness of God. We are set apart from and above the rest of creation. This means:

We have a soul. Our souls uniquely bear God’s image because soul is spirit and God is spirit. The intangible pieces of us; our personality, our emotions, and our will are all part of our soul. Our spirits enable us to know and worship God. And our spirits, like God, are eternal, and because of Jesus we have the choice before us to live in eternity forever with him. No other creature on earth has this imprint of God.

We have authority. God entrusted Adam and Eve with the entire Garden of Eden and commanded them to rule over creation. God has also given each of us a part of his kingdom. Within our piece of the kingdom are people that he has entrusted specifically to us. He has given us the responsibility to love them, protect them, and show them what he is really like.

We are made in the image of God. Before sin entered the world, Adam and Eve perfectly reflected the holiness of God. God made us to bear his image.

We are creative. Reflecting the image of God as Creator means we are creative. Being creative looks different for everyone, but we all have a capacity to create – to make things – to help restore pieces of God’s kingdom based on our specific talents and gifts.

We are relational. God, in and of himself, is relational. He is trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This likeness of God is imprinted on us, and humans are wired for connectedness.
Being created in God’s image and likeness means that when we look around at each other and in the mirror, we get a glimpse of God’s character, his goodness, and his love.

Author Dick Staub writes: “To be fully human is to fully reflect God’s creative, spiritual, intelligent, communicative, relational, moral, and purposeful capacities.”

That’s how God created us. And it was very good.

How does being created in God’s image change the way you view yourself? What would it look like for you to fully reflect God’s likeness?


“God made everything,” Acts 17:24.


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