This five-week video series leading up to Easter will look at stories of Jesus through the lens of Peter. Kids will learn about what it means to be a disciple, and how they can follow Jesus.  This week we learned the story of when Jesus calls Peter, Luke 5:1-11.


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Check out this fun story from week 1 of “Simon Peter Says”


What does being a disciple mean?


Read: Mark 1:16-20, Luke 5:1-11

Even though Peter didn’t fully understand who Jesus was, his first interaction with Jesus certainly showed him that he was someone special. The miraculously giant catch of fish was enough evidence for him to know that God was at work in Jesus, and Peter left his old life for a new one and said yes to following Jesus.

But Peter didn’t change overnight, and technically, he was totally unequipped for what Jesus called him to. He’d never done anything but fish, and he wasn’t even very good at that. But the character qualities that made Peter who he was were character qualities Jesus himself created within him. Jesus wanted to push him even deeper into the persistence, hard work, and commitment that he used every day as a fisherman. But Jesus knew everything about Peter, exactly who he was. He was not surprised by Peter’s brashness or arrogance, but over time graciously refined Peter, calling out blind spots and strengths in him that he never saw in himself. Rather than spend his life catching fish, Jesus called Peter into something of great significance: bringing people into God’s kingdom and into relationship with Jesus.

Jesus calls all of us just like he called Peter that day on the lake. But following Jesus in what we do every day can sometimes feel elusive. It’s easy for us to get hung up on what we aren’t doing, or don’t have, all the ways we are unqualified, unequipped, and not able to live a life with impact. We might feel like we don’t know enough or have enough resources to play any significant part in the kingdom of God. Or maybe out of fear, we just avoid Jesus when he tells us to cast our nets somewhere else. But Jesus tells all of us not to be afraid. He knows exactly who he made each of us to be; every part of us is known to him—the good, bad, and ugly. Wherever we are, whoever we are, and whatever we are doing, Jesus is calling all of us deeper. He’s graciously revealing our blind spots and building into our strengths. He’s asking us to lean in and use our unique gifts and personality to bring people into his kingdom and into friendship with him.

But like Peter, we have to leave our old lives, the things we used to believe about ourselves, the ways we used to spend our time and energy, and trust that following him will be the greatest “yes” we could ever give.

In what ways have you seen Jesus transform you since you said yes to following him?

What comes to mind when you think of the word “calling”? Do you believe your life, the things you do every day, can be used by God to bring people into his kingdom?


“You are the children that God dearly loves. So follow his example,” Ephesians 5:1.


Our Elementary curriculum is written for 1st through 5th graders. Through exciting videos, or live teaching in the rooms, kids explore stories from the Bible each month. Beginning with Creation, and moving in chronological order throughout the year, kids learn that God is our Creator, his son Jesus is our Savior, and he is loving, healing, miraculous, and personal. Kids learn about baptism, how to pray, how they can be more like Jesus, and how they can help others. In a large group format, elementary kids sing and dance to worship songs, then meet fun characters and play games that introduce them to the concept of the series. After the story, kids transition to small group activities, designed to be led by an adult. We hope elementary kids learn through interactive content, and begin to grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and how to follow him.