Toddlers watch Jesus telling lots of people how much he loves them. Then they see a boy share his lunch with Jesus. Jesus turns two fish and five loaves of bread into enough food to feed everybody. Kids learn that Jesus loves us.


Get out of your seat, crank up these jams and get ready to dance!




Caitlin teaches kids the full story and Bible verse.


See and Share Time is a great way for parents to extend the message each kids is learning.  First you’ll need to gather some props. Take toys out one at a time and hold them up for kids to see. Read each section and do the actions. Then put away toys.

1. Mirror- Jesus told all the people that he loved them. Jesus loves you, too. (Hold up mirror to every child and say, Jesus loves child’s name.)
2. Hungry Tummy- The people Jesus was teaching got hungry. Can you growl like your tummy is growling? (Kids growl.) Can you rub your tummy and say, I’m hungry!(Kids rub tummies.)
3. Lunch Basket- (Hold out basket.) Jesus’ friends didn’t have any food, but one little boy shared his lunch with Jesus.
4. Toy Bread- (Pass out toy bread.) The little boy had bread in his lunch. Can you pretend to share your lunch with Jesus and put your bread in this lunch basket? (Allow kids to take turns putting their toy bread in the basket.)
5. Fish Crackers- The little boy also had two fish in his lunch. Jesus took the two fish and five loaves of bread and fed lots of people lunch! Now you get to eat fish, too!(Pass out fish crackers (or gluten-free option) for snack time.)



Who loves you? (Jesus)


Read John 6:1-15

Jesus tested the faith of his disciples in this story. Philip and Andrew had witnessed Jesus perform his first miracle turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana. (John 2:1-11) But at this moment, the problem of feeding thousands of people with no food eclipsed what they knew of Jesus as a miracle worker. Their suggested solutions focused on work and money rather than Jesus’ power.

Did they forget who Jesus was? Perhaps it would have been wrong for any of the disciples to suggest to Jesus how to solve the problem miraculously. After all, one of Jesus’ temptations in the desert came from Satan, who told him to make the rocks into bread.

In addition to that, Jesus was exhausted at this point in his ministry. He had been busy healing crowds and teaching. Maybe his disciples just wanted the people to go away so their master could rest. But Jesus had compassion on the hungry crowds. He wanted to feed them physically like he had just fed them spiritually with his teaching.

Remembering to take both our physical and our spiritual needs to Jesus is important. In addition, having compassion, even in the midst of exhaustion, is for sure a Jesus quality. Kids in particular can exhaust us quickly and easily. But we have to see like Jesus did and continue to feel compassion for kids who demand so much from us—hungry kids, kids who want to know more, kids who are not listening or following rules.

How did Jesus do it? At the end of a long, long day, Jesus did not draw his strength from just working more or trying harder. No. He performed a miracle. He relied on supernatural strength and supernatural compassion. That’s exactly why our faith in him is so critical. On our own strength, we would send the people away to find their own food. But with God’s strength? Miracles.

What’s one way you can more fully rely on God’s strength in your life?

What physical and spiritual needs are you bringing to Jesus right now?


“God loved the world so much, he gave his only Son,” John 3:16.


Jesus loves you.


Our one-year Early Childhood curriculum takes kids through six different Bible stories all about God’s love. Toddlers learn through repetition, with a program designed to be taught for two months:

January and February – Miracle March and April – Easter May and June – Creation July and August – Moses September and October – Jonah November and December – Christmas

The video program includes sing-along worship and an animated Bible story with narration. Then, in the rooms, each week’s program ends with an interactive portion called See & Share time, designed to be led by an adult. We hope toddlers learn and understand how much God loves them!